Neuro-Reprogramming Hypnotherapy

Remove Negativity

Neuro-Reprogramming Hypnotherapy is a unique blend of CBT, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy designed to utilise the benefits of all three therapies and enhance outcomes of treatment.

Hypnotherapy is something many people feel anxious or cautious of due to the unfortunate connotations and suggestions around mind control given within public entertainment.  Firstly it is not possible to take control of someone's mind or make them do anything - these shows are designed for entertainment.  Secondly hypnotherapy is a very valid and beneficial tool to aid mental health and it is such a shame that it's misrepresentation in the public eye prevents many people benefitting from it.

Hypnotherapy is nothing more than a deep relaxation of the brain encouraged by a skilled clinician talking through what is in effect a special meditation.  Unlike a meditator or such, a trained hypnotherapist pays attention to your breathing and your body to introduce relaxation at appropriate times.  When the mind is relaxed at a deep level, our subconscious opens and is like a sponge to information at that time.  This is where the neuro-reprogramming comes in - the therapist speaks to your subconscious to enable it to take on positive thought, self belief and determination to go forward and make the change wanted.

Combining this hypnotherapy with psychotherapy brings about the most change as you work together to understand the roots of difficulties, stratagies to change and finally the neuro-reprogramming to prime your brain to make those changes to its current set neuro pathways which for many are negative, poor habit forming and self defeating.

Many people feel nervous during their first hypnotherapy but we are yet to have a client who did not wish to continue :)  It is possible to book for psychotherapy and/or CBT only and consider this addition further down your treatment path.