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Giving you the knowledge, skills and activities to support your child, promote growth, enhance your relationship and build resilience and empowerment

Current Courses

Understanding and Managing Autism Early Years

Understanding and Managing Autism Primary Years

Understanding and Managing Autism Secondary Years

Understanding and Managing ADHD

Dyslexia -  No Barriers

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Developing Positive Body Image

Building Resilience

Through our work we have found many children with various struggles need similar support and empowering the parents very much empowers the child.  We are passionate about giving families the knowledge and confidence they need to work with their child to improve the life of them and the family, strengthening bonds and enhancing family life and the child's future.

One of the biggest barriers for us as parents with our own children was in being able to access courses at a time that we could get to without our children and with other commitments.  Our courses are run through Zoom to enable this barrier to be removed as much as possible.  Please contact us for more information and current options for dates and times on your interested course.