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Art Fun

Children's Group Therapy

Update: As a result of the pandemic, our services have been under exceptional demand and we have made the decision to introduce groups for therapy to primary aged school children and temporarily put a hold on any new individual therapy for this age group.  We have found the majority of this age group are requiring the same support and education so believe this can be offered in a group setting which has the benefits of enabling more child to access support, lower costs for parents as well as give children the opportunity to see they are not the only ones feeling this way. 

We are introducing groups for anxiety, learning about brain types, expressing emotion through arts and crafts and more :)

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Christmas 2020

24th December 2020

With Kent enduring Tier 4 restrictions and the latest addition of banned Christmas mixing, we have again put together a compilation of clips sent to us by many families under our care and we hope them along with our silly antics can again lift your spirits :)

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Peppermint Graduates

20th November 2020

She revised heard ... proud colleagues here and excited to welcome Peppermint officially to the team :)

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23rd October 2020

This beautiful exhibition by Ray Burmiston encourages us to join many celebrities in photographing ourselves at that moment where we are grounded with our eyes closed.  Whilst spreading an important message, the exhibition also raises money for Mind, a leading mental health charity in the UK.  
We are proud to add our photo to this project and invite you to do the same at the link below.

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New Clinic Rooms Open

4th September 2020
After 11 years within Maidstone David Lloyd Complex, we have expanded and moved to ensure our Mental Health services are not disrupted in any forthcoming restrictions which include gym closures and render our clinic inaccessible.

Dedicated Art Facilities

Art Facilities


Dedicated Children's Therapy Room

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Covid Secure

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Goodbye to our Temporary Clinic!

28th August 2020

After 3 months in local parks we are so excited to be moving to our new premises shortly!  We will be closed for a week to refurbish and look forward to welcoming you on 4th September.

Goodbye Gatland Park and thank you for your hospitality.. it's been hot, it's been wet, it's been cold but we are appreciative of you but are very much looking forward to returning to a kettle, toilets and a roof!

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29th July 2020

We have finally been able to collect our beautiful therapy dog in training - Peppermint is aptly named from the calming affects of the herb and will start joining us for sessions in a couple of months time.  Visit her page to see more.

Peppermints Adventures
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Lockdown 2020

20th April 2020

We have worked hard putting together this compilation of clips from families around Maidstone - we hope it brings some smiles to some faces and remind everyone that although we feel isolated, we are in this together :)

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Our New Blog is Here!

We will post all our news here from now on :)

31st March 2020

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