Our Story

Our story begins with two people who held a compassion and empathy for people that went beyond every day life.  When these two people grew an idea out of a soil to enrich as many people's lives as possible with belief, nurturing, understanding and strength.. our clinic was born.

Our ethos had always been that underneath everything we are all much the same and at times all feel vulnerable and in need of some support.  We further passionately believe the younger generations are fighting a tough battle up against pressures which we can only imagine.  More stress and pressure on the brain, less time and opportunities to learn creatively or play and a lack of mental health teaching within schools and it was no wonder we were seeing so many people struggling - children and adults alike. 

And so began our mission to not only provide mental health services, but to enrich these with a wealth of knowledge and empowerment not routinely provided as part of therapy.  A mission to educate youngsters and adults on their brain workings and teach them to get the most from it, bring it to its optimal level of working and above all accept that we are all worth the effort. 

Our clinic has grown and with it the clients that stay in touch with us and children who still send us christmas cards.  We are often told how lucky people feel to have found us but in truth we are the lucky ones - it is nothing less than a privilege to be trusted with peoples lives and their deepest feelings.  To be invited into their lives at the most difficult of times and to see them grow stronger and happier is the biggest privilege we as professionals can be given.. 

We love our work - it is not a job to us, it is a vocation and one we intend to continue for many years to come.  We hope you will join us on your journey and also become part of ours.

Marcus & Clairey