Meet Our Therapists

Our clinic has been established now for 12 years, in which time we have combined a wealth of scientific knowledge and therapeutic approaches to develop the highly successful treatments you can see here today.  We pride ourselves on our nurturing, family feel approach including buckets of compassion and empathy that see many of our clients keeping in touch with beautiful mile stones in their lives which at one time they did not feel possible, or simply to return during new challenges in their lives.  Every one of us is on a journey and as the years pass we build a story unique to us.  We look forward to being part of your story in the chapter where you passed through the storm to better pages ahead.


Marcus Niblett Cp ' Hyp

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Child Therapist

Marcus is an affiliated member for the Royal College of Nursing and an accredited member of the National Counselling Society.
With his gentle motivational approach Marcus is an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, having worked in various clinics including Harley Street London and been involved in training frontline staff and students in practising better mental health.  With his infectious optimism and intuitive insight, Marcus shows a commitment and passion for every client he supports.  Marcus treats many conditions but is best known for his specialist interests in anxiety, depression, OCD and addiction.

Clairey Suzanne BSc MSc

Psychotherapist, CBT & Child Therapist

Clairey is a senior accredited member of ACCPH and a graduate member of BCPS.  Clairey brings her natural warmth and humour to all therapy she delivers with a nurturing atmosphere using a person-centred approach.  She is an experienced psychotherapist and child therapist having a wealth of experience in treating Autistic Spectrum Disorders, anxiety disorders, Self Harm, personality disorders, brain injury and child behaviour.  Clairey herself has a love for the natural world and art, so shares this love in her work wherever it will benefit her clients. 
Like Marcus, Clairey treats a wide range of conditions including anxiety and depression but is also well known for her extensive research and interest in the link between hypermobility, POTs and mental health difficulties, autism in girls and autism within relationships.


Peppermint Pinecone Suzanne-Niblett

Therapy Dog

Peppermint Pinecone is our beautiful therapy dog who as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has the temperament and understanding of a fluffy therapist in her own right.  Accompanying many sessions, Peppermint provides additional therapeutic support and calming.