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Peppermint's Story

“That time a thought became an idea.., the idea became a conversation.., the conversation became a reality and that reality is... Peppermint ♥️ ”

A love and nurturing for animals is something we have both shared and hoped to one day bring to our clinic in the shape of a therapy dog. That day finally came when Marcus's dream of owning a King Charles Spaniel combined with Clairey's need for a brown and white ball of fluff who loved cuddles and has suitable temperament to train as a therapy dog led us to visit several puppies on our hunt for ‘the one.’ Our search came to an end in Stratford when Peppermint decided to curl up and sleep by Clairey's foot… her beautiful temperament, big brown eyes and playful nature were a bonus.. we knew instantly she was the puppy meant for us.
A 4 week wait for her to be ready to come felt like an eternity but finally on Monday 27th July we made the journey to collect our precious bundle and since then she has stolen our hearts and already brings love to everyone she meets. And so here begins our own special journey, and we are so happy to make her part of yours too ♥️

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