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Words from our Clients

Words from our Clients: Our Services

Can't wait for Peppermint!!!

Marcus and Clairey have been part of my sons life for 2.5 years.  He started seeing them when he was 10 and had a lot of worries to deal with.  They have taught him a lot :)  He always feels comfortable with them and has really learnt to talk about what is bothering him.  He is really looking forward to the addition of Peppermint!!!! 

- Jo

Found my smile again :)

A friend of mine recommended Marcus at an extremely low point in my life.  Having seen a number of therapists previously, I was sceptical as to why Marcus was different and how he could help.  But that is where Marcus is truly outstanding at his job, he understood me in a way no one else had and he has changed my life.  Although if Marcus were to hear me say that he'd only turn around and say it's all me and that I have done that incredible job myself!  That's the beauty of both Marcus and Clairey, they are both so wonderful in helping you see the best in yourself, putting a smile on your face and just taking you one step at a time to a better place within yourself.  I am so grateful to both of them for helping bring my smile back and wholeheartedly recommend their services to absolutely anyone who needs a helping hand in finding their smile also.  Thank you!! 

-  Joey

There every step of the way

Molly has been seeing Clairey for 18 months - she is living with anger, ADHD and various other issues.  We first went to Clairey when Molly was running away from home, trying to overdose, mixing with gangs and getting into trouble with the police.  With Clairey helping Molly she is now in control of her life and enjoying life - she is able to hold onto friendships and is understanding her emotions more and more.  Molly still has a way to go due to the traumas she has experienced and I am more than confident that Clairey will be there for Molly every step of the way.  Molly's relationship with Clairey is extremely strong and her trust in Clairey is exceptional.


Very patient and understanding

Marcus is a great therapist for children - he made my daughter feel very relaxed with no pressure on discussing things that she didn't feel comfortable with or just didn't want to discuss at that time.  The children's therapy room is a very calming relaxing room with lots of things for a sensory input.  My daughter enjoys the group sessions and I feel he is very patient and understanding with her needs and is able to explain things to her perfectly.  Thank you :)

- Jasmine

Understanding, caring, kind and fun

Clairey has been helping Adam (10) for just under a year now.  We've always been so impressed at how quickly she was able to get him to trust her and open up about his worries.  Clairey always seems to have the right techniques to help Adam with whatever his worries are that week and he leaves feeling so much more confident.  As parents we've felt that we've been given excellent advice to help us help Adam as well which has been invaluable.  As a family we find Clairey to be understanding, caring, kind and fun and we'd highly recommend her to anyone considering therapy for their child.


I finally think I might win

I have known Clairey and Marcus for a while now - I initially saw Marcus when I learned of his relaxation sessions and at the time felt it was just what I needed.  I found it a great help and it certainly assisted with the day to day vigours of life.

I was chatting with Marcus on one such session and mentioned a long standing issue I had with anxiety and how I had tried to combat it several years ago and had made some improvement, however it was still having a massive impact on my life socially and at work.  As you can imagine this was the beginning of our journey together to try and overcome it.  I've had a number of sessions now and know it is a long and difficult journey to go yet but can say with the utmost certainty that Marcus has helped me understand the deep roots that sit behind my anxiety.  I have learnt small steps for how to face up to these issues and I'm still learning and hope one day with the continued help from Marcus I might finally win.  I have not had sessions with Clairey but she has helped arrange all my appointments so it would be very remiss of me not to mention her - what a lovely lady who deals with you in such a relaxing manor and so my thanks also goes to you.  Thank you

- Paul

Sometimes we do not have all the answers

My son 15 year old has had to deal with the sadness of his friend committing suicide.  Billy has autism and needed to understand why his friend would do this, sadly we nor anyone else understand why this had happened.  Marcus helped Billy to understand that sometimes we do not have all the answers and helped him to grieve.  We are so grateful for the support at such a difficult time.


I have never looked back

My daughter has been attending weekly sessions with Clairey for just over a year, 5 months of this has been during Covid-19.  My daughter suffers and struggles with anxiety which brought out traits of OCD.  Her weekly sessions were really going well and she had built a fantastic relationships with Clairey, especially seeing as a lot of her therapy was done through art which is a great therapy for my daughter, when lockdown hit.  Everyone needed to wash their hands, keep a distance etc and her anxiety spiralled.  For someone with anxiety and OCD traits this was a major setback and it was touch for a while.  All through this time Clairey was there, on FaceTime, ready to check in with her on a weekly basis and for that we will be eternally grateful.  It was such a relief to know she was there for her at such a very hard time.  She is an amazing support not just for my daughter but for us as a whole family too.  Her knowledge and advice and invaluable.  She is wonderful, calming, caring and passionate about making things better.  I have never looked back since plucking up the courage to call them.  They are truly an amazing team!

- Izzy

Incredible Support

Our daughters have been under the supportive and expert care of Clairey & Marcus for approximately two years on a regular basis and there is nobody we would trust more.  Our children have both suffered the side effects of a stressful school life, along with anxieties and OCD, and it is with the incredible support that our whole family unit receive from Clairey and Marcus that we have managed to somehow ride the rougher times together.  The understanding and empathy that we have been shown really has made our world a better place - and we are utterly grateful that we met this incredible duo when nobody else at the time was able to help us, despite us being at the depths of despair.  We would recommend Clairey & Marcus time and again.  Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts!

- Jane & Allan

Excellent with young people

Clairey is very professional, warm, friendly, caring and excellent with young people.  She has helped both of our children and all of us as a family.  We are very grateful to her and would recommend her services to anyone.


Switched my thought processes from deep down

I had have had hypnotherapy sessions with Marcus intermittently for the past 4 years and have felt after each single one much more positive, more aware of my personal qualities, more in control of my life and full of hope.  It has been one of the best investments I could have ever made and I've slowly built up my own strength and these sessions have really helped me switch my thought processes from deep down.  I will forever be grateful for the help I received.  Marcus is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone that is now willing to change his own life.  Thank you for everything.


A safe place

I cannot recommend Marcus highly enough.  When Albert first started seeing Marcus, he was struggling with regulating his emotions, very low self esteem, aggressive and angry outbursts and his overall mental health was deteriorating.

Albert was at ease with Marcus from his first session and he loves his sessions.  I'm so pleased Albert has a safe place where he can talk about his emotions and about how he is feeling.  Albert has improved loads over the last year. He has also learned loads from Marcus about his emotions and how his brain works.  Marcus has also helped me understand Albert a lot better.  So overall he's helped us massively as a family.


Anxious teens

Marcus and Clairey have been amazing with my 2 anxious teens.  They have formed amazing bonds and understand their needs as well as being flexible when my busy work schedule creates obstacles.  We have so much to thank Marcus and Clairey for :)


Happy Again

Our daughter Megan has been living with depression for many years and her behaviour displayed in a very jealous way thinking that the world was against her and that we loved her siblings more than her.  Marcus helped her to realise that her emotions were making her feel this way because of the chemical imbalance and depression.  He helped her to understand that by taking medication for a very short spell it would help her brain make the right chemicals then she would be able to access therapy and this changed the way she feels, allowing her to be happy again.  Thank you Marcus

- Vicky

Light at the end of the tunnel

I would recommend Clairey to everyone who has a child struggling to navigate their way through life.  Her experience and knowledge is not only having a huge impact on my daughter but it has also helped me feel like that is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you Clairey :)


A shining light in a dark place

Marcus has been a shining light in a very dark place for me.  One of the kindest, open minded people you will ever meet.  He's helped make life more logical.  No ordinary therapist.  You are never judged. With their understanding and support things aren't as bad after sharing.


Changed our lives

I was recommended to see Clairey when we were struggling with our 6 year old daughter and on the first visit Clairey filled us with confidence and recognised straight away that our daughter was on the autistic spectrum.  Her knowledge and experience with autistic children is unbelievable.  She has helped her to get a diagnosis which has enabled our daughter to get the support she needed at school - I cannot thank her enough she has changed our lives.  Thank you for everything.


Inner strength

Marcus has helped me so much over the last year of my life. It has been the most difficult, distressing time and yet he has helped me focus and realise things are never as bad as they seem. He uses amazing techniques where I come out feeling more relaxed then I ever have. I am now more focused and have an inner strength and understanding of myself that I’ve never had. Without Marcus I don’t know what I would have done. Thank you so much for everything.


Take a broken little girl to a better place

During lockdown our daughter changed from a happy little girl into a nervous, anxious child who had even stopped eating.  She was having panic attacks several times a day.  We didn't know what to do.  We decided we needed professional help and contacted Clairey - we are so grateful for what Clairey has been able to do for our daughter and our family.  From the first session Clairey put us at ease and our daughter who is usually very shy took to Clairey within a few minutes.  We can't thank you enough.  You have taken a broken little girl and a desperate family and supported us to a better place.  Thank you


Safe Sanctuary

A few summers back I was under a lot of pressure and suffering from stress and depression. Marcus was recommended by my doctor. From my very first appointment and the most relaxing hypnotherapy session he began to make a difference to my quality of life. He was able to understand my stress and has given me my own coping techniques that make each day manageable and my outlook on life more fun and enjoyable. Marcus has a caring, confidential and professional approach and his clinic is my safe haven and sanctuary. Thank goodness I found him and my heartfelt gratitude and relief goes out to you Marcus.


An absolute godsend

My 11 year old daughter suffered badly through lockdown, missing her friends interaction and school she became introverted and full of anxiety.  Her behaviour changed for the worse and she became agoraphobic, I was even unable to get her back to school... At my wits end as the NHS treatment was weeks away and knowing she could not wait to be seen, I sought advice from friends who recommended Clairey and Marcus.  Clairey has been an absolute god send.. She has helped my daughter regain her confidence to go back to school, leave the house, enter shops again... and taught her techniques to help with managing anxieties.. helping her come to terms with her emotional wellbeing.  My daughter still has a way to go but with Claireys continued support and assistance I am confident my daughter will flourish.. Thank you


Every step

Dear Marcus
I don’t often do this type of thing but I really think it’s necessary for me to write you to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me. You said this would all be about trust and you have not let me down, you have been there for me with every step of this journey.
You have always told me if I could see my future I wouldn’t walk towards it I would run.
Thank you for seeing that and taking me there you are always in my thoughts
Thank you Marcus


First rate therapist

I have used Marcus’s services for a significant period during 2016-17 and found him to be an absolutely first rate therapist. August 2016 I was faced with significant multiple issues which would have challenged even the most accomplished individual. With Marcus’s expert help and guidance I have not only overcome these challenges but also benefited in so many positive ways. I would recommend him to anyone in need without hesitation.


Thank you for just being you!!!

When I first called Marcus Niblett & Clairey Suzanne Therapies for help, Clairey was the first person I spoke to.  After being signed off work for depression and anxiety I was nervous about seeing someone and having to open up to someone after years of neatly putting my problems away.  Clairey is the first therapist I have felt so at ease to tell my worries and traumas to and has brought me so far as a person.  I could not recommend her knowledge and skills as an individual to anyone.  I am thankful for the guidance and help she has given me as my therapist and continue to work with her when needed.  Thank you Clairey for just being you!!!



Clairey is absolutely amazing at what she does.  She has helped my daughter immensely and has always given me advice in order to continue healing at home in between sessions.  Thank you :)


Felt I was talking to a friend who understood me

Hi Marcus - it has been a wonderful experience seeing you. I really didn’t know what to expect when I came to see you for hypnotherapy and relaxation. I was very anxious about it but you made me feel relaxed and calm and it felt like I was talking to a friend who understood me. I would recommend anyone who wishes to change their life for the better to get in touch with you. Thank you so much for all your support.


Easy to talk to, extremely perceptive and understanding

I can't thank Clairey enough for the help she has given my 12 year old daughter.  She had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since starting secondary school and Clairey helped us to understand how the teenage brain works and the way that different brain types affect behaviour.  My daughter has since developed a wonderful relationship with Clairey and genuinely looks forward to seeing her every week.  Clairey has such a natural way of putting her at ease and an uncanny ability to relate entirely to the stresses and anxieties of the modern teenager.  Clairey has such an infection personality and a fabulous sense of humour!  She's so easy to talk to, extremely perceptive, understand and encouraging and always has time to reassure and explain.  The support that she has given both myself and my daughter has been invaluable and I really can't thank her enough for the difference she is making to our lives.


Cracked it

I have tried many therapists over the years and Marcus is the only one to have cracked it with me. I had been suffering panic attacks following seeing my bosses wife pass away in front of me. he helped me deal with them, teaching me to control my mind and also some fabulous relaxation techniques. I have recommended many people to him and they are all very impressed with how he has helped them. Thanks Marcus - you’re a star!


Empathetic and caring

I was introduced to Marcus at a very difficult time in my life with so many emotions for many different reasons. Marcus straight away reassured me I was going to be okay and helped me believe in myself. On each visit my self confidence grew and with that my ability to cope. Marcus is a kind, empathetic and caring person and most of all a wonderful listener. I would not be in the good place I am today without his help and guidance.


Safe place to cry

Marcus and Clairey have provided our family with tremendous and much needed support at an extremely difficult period of our lives.  My children were provided with a safe place to talk, to cry and to share thoughts and feeling and were given the support to deal with issues they were facing, even if they nor I could change them or remove them from the problems they were all struggling with.

Saved me

Marcus I would like to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me over the period of four weeks when I first came to you I felt so desperate and so Low. Within the first two visit you showed me there was a future that was away out this dark hole I was in.

Thanks to your help I now feel focused and able to face the world without sounding melodramatic you saved me.

Thank you.



Marcus my results for my exams have just come through and much to my surprise but not yours I have passed. I couldn’t have done it without you mate, you’re an inspiration. Thank you for the journey it’s been wild knowing you’re always there for me is a great comfort to me.


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