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Child Therapy

If we judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid

- Albert Einstein

We are passionate about children's mental health and the desperate need for it to be incorporated into the National Curriculum.  Whilst some life challenges have always arisen for some children, in an increasingly high pressured and fast paced world, with less opportunities for play and more demand for work and achievement, there has never been a more important time to ensure children are taught how to look after their mental health, manage emotions and other people in the same way they are taught to read and write.

By teaching children about how their brain works, how this links to their every day perceptions and experiences and any difficulties they are having, we can empower them to build resilience and manage difficulties as they grow, building strong and confident adults. 

As a result of the life they now live, anxiety and worries in children have become increasingly common but needn't be the uphill battle it often feels to be.  Differences in brain types, thinking and learning styles has never been so noticeable, and teaching children we are all different and they are not 'wrong' is so important - just as we have different eye colours and left vs right handedness.  We passionately believe the education system is placing children under relentless pressure and judgement whilst focusing too much on areas of weakness and not enough on individuality, creativity and strengths.  Teachers work tirelessly to encourage and support our children but are limited by the expectations placed on them and we work wherever we can in schools to help manage the growing anxiety and inadequacy felt by too many children.

At our clinic we work with children in fun ways which engage them, capture their imagination and give them a safe space to explore their feelings.  We firmly believe in a family centred approach and therefore communicate with parents throughout therapy, can include them in sessions if helpful and do all we can to empower parents to help their children practise what they are learning at home.  Whether it be phobias, coming to terms with a loss or family change or general anxiety or behavioural struggles, we use various techniques to help children learn about the difficulties they are having and most importantly how to overcome then. 

We also have a great deal of personal and professional experience working with and managing children on the autistic spectrum - diagnosed and undiagnosed.  We passionately believe the autistic brain is only a different type and a way of thinking and strive to empower children blessed with this incredible brain.  

See below for some pictures from our clinic for a feel of how we work.  Children's therapy begins with a consultation which can be yourself and your child or just yourself.  Here your child's history, current difficulties and anything else relevant for the therapist is covered and discussed, and a treatment plan made.

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