Creativity concept with a brain explodin

Creative Psychotherapy & CBT


Repainting Your Mind

Creativity is part of every single one of us.  We have lost count of how many times people have said they are not creative - yet how many of us drew on a wall or smeared our food across our plate as a toddler, or built a fort, blew bubbles or created stories.  As we grow we neglect play and self-exploration but never stop being creative.  From creating your day, career path, listening to music, building playlists or decorating our homes. 

Creativity has the power to unlock our deepest thoughts and feelings, whether to heal, explore ourselves, find a new direction or just to grow and self nurture. 

Creative psychotherapy is a uniquely developed therapy which combines CBT and Psychotherapy with a teaching of the neurological underpinnings of the brain to help you understand what you are feeling.  The difference with this therapy is that it is delivered through creative means, including painting, writing, clay and multiple other activities, all designed to stimulate the brain, calm and heal.

This is something anyone can do.  If you enjoy creativity or would like to learn new ways of being creative to understand and manage feelings then this is the therapy for you.