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Relationship Therapy

Working Together

All relationships have their ups and downs - some are for keeps and others run their course.  Our relationship therapy has been developed combining the therapeutic approaches of relationship therapy with an education around how our brains work and different brain types.  

It is a common misconception that we all have the same brain type but actually there are multiple and understanding each others enables us to understand one another better - why we react how we do, why what we expect and percieve in life is different to someone elses and how understanding how this plays out in your own relationship can lift so much resentment and tension and in its place build understanding, tolerance and personal growth.  Differences tend to become noticeable after adding children to a family or going through significant life events or just as a result of growing and changing as individuals.

Our therapy works to support you both to explore the challenges and differences you are facing, appreciate and acknowledge where each of you are coming from and find the way forward from here. 

For some people the future may be for them to be apart and our therapists will support you through this process also - relationship therapy does not always need to be to work towards a future together, it can be to have support through an ending also, or even to work out what is for the best.  Whatever your path, we are here to support you through it.