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Relationship Therapy

Working Together

All relationships have their ups and downs - some are for keeps and others run their course.  Relationship counselling is arguably an essential tool in helping us keep our relationships healthy - perhaps more so since the lockdowns than ever before. 

Often in the midst of high emotion and life stresses, we feel our partner no longer understands us or doesn't want to - or maybe issues have risen from infidelity, jealousy, finances, employment, children or something else. 

It is further a common misconception that we all have the same brain type leading to confusion or frustration when our partner is not reacting in the same way we are, or understanding our view point and needs.  The reality is there are multiple brain types and understanding enables us to understand one another better - why we react how we do, why what we expect and perceive in life is different to each other and how these play out in our relationships - exploring this together is enlightening and has the potential to dilute resentment and tension and in its place build understanding, tolerance and personal growth.  Afterall as individuals we are forever changing and evolving so it would make sense for there to be points where we feel we may no longer seem to fit?

For some people the future may be for them to be apart and our therapists will support you through this process also - relationship therapy does not always need to be about working towards a future together, it can be to have support through an ending also, or even to work out what is for the best.  Whatever your path, we are here to support you through it.

Relationship Therapy: Service
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