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Goal-Focused Hypnotherapy

I Can & I Will

Our goal-focussed hypnotherapy sessions are designed for building confidence, focusing the mind on a desired outcome, cementing new thought processes and complimenting psychotherapy.  

Unfortunately the media has done hypnotherapy a massive disservice over the years.. from suggesting it's really possible to convince someone they are a chicken or turn a capable human into a public spectacle at the mention of a few words!  Fortunately we do not live in a Marvel universe and hypnotherapy is not only a hugely successful and powerful tool, but also often just what we need to push us over that line into success city! 

By using relaxation techniques to bring the brain to a state of equilibrium, the subconscious part of the brain opens and takes on board information more deeply than what it is able to in general conversation.  This information helps the brain believe it can and it will succeed by supporting changes in thought patterns and the building of new habits.  

Recommended for everything from quitting smoking to overcoming that fear of flying to making that presentation to finding control over those late night trips to the fridge.. the possibilities are endless.

Hypnotherapy: Service
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