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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy are both popular talking therapies that provide the space to unload and explore thoughts and feelings.  Counselling is more of a short term therapy if you need to air some thoughts and get your mind feeling clearer and lighter by letting your thoughts hit the air in a safe space.  Psychotherapy on the other hand is deeper work generally over a longer period where we consider thoughts, feelings and perspective in the context of the life you have lived.  What has shaped you?  What defines you?  Why do you have the self doubts, the anxieties and thoughts that you do? How do your moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviours interlink? This work is designed to bring about long term change and understanding of yourself.

There is nothing that these talking therapies cannot be used for - from anxiety and low confidence to anger management and bereavement.  Our therapists are highly experienced in using this approach alongside some CBT technique to maximise therapeutic benefit and interest.  Please get in touch to discuss your situation and for advice on what would be the best path for you.

Psychotherapy & Counselling: The Clinic
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