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Covid-19 Update

Adult and Teen Sessions as Normal.

As a result of the pandemic, our services have been under exceptional demand and we have made the decision to introduce groups for therapy to primary aged school children and temporarily put a hold on any new individual therapy for this age group.  We have found the majority of this age group are requiring the same support and education so believe this can be offered in a group setting which has the benefits of enabling more child to access support, lower costs for parents as well as give children the opportunity to see they are not the only ones feeling this way. 


Educate. Nurture. Empower. Grow.

Hello and welcome to Marcus Niblett & Clairey Suzanne Therapies - creatively changing the face of therapy.

Whatever has brought you to this page we are here to help and look forward to accompanying you on this particularly bumpy part of the road in your life's journey.  Our lives are fluid, ever moving and over the years we build a story of what it means to be us.  Your story is yours - unique, empowering and challenging all at the same time.

Our mental health services are unique in that we have combined a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the neuroscience of the brain with the psychotherapeutic knowledge and practice to provide clients with both the space and guidance to explore, and understand what they are feeling and the science required to rewire the brain and achieve change.  

We don't just listen, we educate and empower.


Services and Treatments

Individual and Group

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Adult Psychotherapy, CBT & NLP

A Happier, Healthier You

CBT for Hypermobility, PoTS & Anxiety

Yes they are linked!

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Neuro-Reprogramming Hypnotherapy

Remove Negativity

Creative Psychotherapy & CBT

Repainting Your Brain

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First Aid

Relationship Therapy

Working Together

Teen Therapy

Discover Yourself

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Child Group Therapy

Changing their Path

Parenting Courses

Empowering Children & Families

Autism Therapy
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Relaxation Sessions for Kids

Inspired by Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy


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