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Weightloss Hypnotherapy Programme

Food in the modern world is so readily available that combined with the emotional worries and pressures of day to day life, comfort and disordered eating has become a common habit for many, resulting in many of us carrying the extra pounds.

Our weightloss programme has been designed to target this specific problem over 3 sessions.  The first session is a training and exploration session where your habits and style of eating are identified with the therapist and details are taken around your relationship with food and habits.  A week later your second session will go deeper into the information gathered at the previous session with the therapist working to help you understand the more complex relationship between your eating habits and your life.  At this point you will have the foundation required to begin your weightloss journey and a third session will be provided for the hypnotherapy session.  There is the option to add further sessions after this if you feel it would benefit you. 

Please visit the main hypnotherapy page to get a clear understanding of how this technique works.

Weightloss: The Clinic
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