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Phobia Hypnotherapy Programme

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Classic phobias include spiders, flying and needles.  However it is possible to have a phobia of anything!  Some of these do not interfere with our life too much - for example our very own Clairey has a phobia of balloons!  If it is not too disruptive often people choose to just live with them, however some phobias interfere with quality of life, get in the way of experiencing things we would like to or are just downright annoying.  Hypnotherapy is a great tool for helping the brain rewire its perception of the fear which will have developed from an experience possibly right back in early childhood.  Your therapist with spend the first 2 sessions exploring the phobia with you, explaining how phobias work and the neurological underpinning of what keeps them gong including the panic response.  The therapist will also provide you with some exercises to begin the desensitisation process, and techniques for when in the situations outside of therapy.  In the third session the therapist will provide the hypnotherapy which will help strengthen the brains understanding of the trigger as not a threat.

Please visit the hypnotherapy page for more details on hypnotherapy in general

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